If you’ve never pulled yourself out of bed at the end of the day to walk 300 steps or climb two flights of stairs to experience the coveted buzz on your wrist from your fitness tracker, this story and challenge is not for you.

But if you’re the kind of person who plans your fitness tracker charge to coincide with scheduled inactivity, or thought that steps didn’t count because they weren’t being tracked, you’re one of us. Kindly stand up, take several steps to reward yourself, and welcome to the workweek hustle.

The Workweek Hustle is a built-in program on the Fit Bit application that tracks your steps for the week. 10,000 daily goal steps is a common theme.

As an organization committed to wellness and the health of our patients, we wanted to put our money where our mouth is. We’ve created a challenge to see which Healthcare Provider can get the most steps between Monday and Friday. And if you can beat them, you would win, too!

The challenge begins by creating two teams.

On Team A we have: Amber Morgan, MD; Greg Miller, MD; Chris Tashjian, MD; Kris Gilleo, NP; and Debra Sanders, RD, CD, CDE. Their Challengers on Team B include: Keri Lijewski, MD; Ben Morgan, MD; Greg Goblirsch, MD; Melissa Frisvold, NP; and Tim Steinmetz, MD.

For the first week, members of their perspective teams will “walk it out” to see which top two performers will move onto the tournament challenge.

The team member with the most steps on Team A will compete with the team member with the second most steps from Team B. The team member with the most steps on Team B will compete with the team member with the second most steps from Team A. The winner of each of those challenges will advance to the Final (Week 3).

However; for the winner to advance, their team must reach a collective steps walked totaling more than 250,000 steps (or 50,000 steps each day). If that goal is not reached within the workweek hustle, the challenge will start over the next week.

To keep it real, Vibrant Health will be posting results throughout the week.

What does this mean for our Facebook Family of Followers? If you have a Fit Bit and log more steps than the Healthcare Provider winner of each week, your name will be entered into a drawing for a fantastic prize.  Check out our Facebook page for details.





DAY 1 RESULTS: 9/19/2016 @ 12:12p.m.

Day 2 RESULTS: 9/20/2016 @ 12:15p.m.




Week 2

Dr. Ben Morgan Takes the Lead