Baseball season is in full swing, kids are finishing up the school year, and warm weather is finally here – it’s almost summer! Vibrant Health Family Clinics is excited to kick start the season by sponsoring Teacher Appreciation Night at the Fighting Fish baseball game on June 8th at 7:30 p.m. at the First National Bank of River Falls Field. Vibrant Health is proud of our community connection and knows how important our educators are to the development of our youth.

This time of year, everyone could use a break from their routine – especially students and teachers. After nine long months of creating lesson plans, grading assignments, and developing innovative and fun ways for our children to learn, teachers deserve our recognition. Young and old, everyone has a memory of a teacher who made a difference. Whether it was being chosen to be milk monitor in grade school, or encouraged to apply for entrance to that college that seemed out of reach while in high school, our educators have made a positive impact in each one of our lives.

Students have also worked hard this past school year and are ready for some summertime activity. Studies show that exercise increases the blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which in turn promotes clearer thinking and better sleep. A warm summer night running around at the ball field and chasing fly balls during the game will release some of that pent up energy they’ve stored up during the year.

Warm sunshine, the smell of the food, and the crack of the ball against the bat; baseball games are one of the very definitions of summer. No matter what age you are, there’s always fun to be had at the ball park, and some of the best memories are made at the field with your friends and family.

The June 8th Fighting Fish game against the Hastings Hawks is a perfect, affordable, and family-friendly outdoor event to connect with everyone before the summer gets too busy.  Come out and enjoy some good old-fashioned competition, beautiful weather, and honor the teacher who has poured their energy and wisdom into our children.

On the Vibrant Health Family Clinics Facebook page, people are encouraged to nominate a River Falls School District teacher that has impacted their life. The teacher with the most “likes” will receive a special prize if they attend the game. However, each teacher in attendance that checks in at the Vibrant Health tent on that Leinenkugel’s deck will receive a free appreciation gift. We look forward to seeing you there!