Nora Bennett, a Nurse Practitioner at the River Falls Medical Clinic, along with her son Zachary, who is studying biology at the UW-Madison, were part of a group of 36 students and health care professionals who participated in a medical mission trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for two weeks earlier this year.

With the support and generous donations from local businesses and groups, the group was able to deliver medical, dental and veterinary care to communities lacking these services.

“None of our work could have happened if donations did not accompany our services,” said Bennett.  “We were able to provide prenatal vitamins, medications, boxes of insulin syringes, a nebulizer machine, pet collars (to lure in pet-owners to convince them of the importance of pet spay/neutering), tooth brushes, shampoos and lotions for needy families.”

“I was touched by the look of thanks from the poor, but friendly, people we encountered in the six mobile clinics,” said Bennett. “Our trip was worth it and wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our community. It touched the hearts and health of many patients in Central America.” Bennett would like to give special thanks to the following for making their trip possible: Associated Dentist, Rush River Church, The Focus class of Terry Steinmetz at the River Falls High School, Harmony Hair, Freeman Drug, EconoFoods Pharmacy, Dr. Glenn Hoberg, Main Street Family Dental, Kinnic Veterinary Service, Spring Valley Drug and the Physicians, Administration and Staff of the River Falls, Ellsworth and Spring Valley Medical Clinics.