Introducing Kaity Bader, PharmD and Medication Therapy Management – a clinical pharmacist resource working directly with your care team to help you answer these questions:

• Why am I taking these medicines?
• Am I taking the right medicines?
• Is the medicine working as effectively as possible?
• Am I having side effects?
• Have I had the right tests to ensure the drugs aren’t hurting me?
• Are non-prescription medicines interacting with my prescriptions?
• Can I save money on prescriptions?

Initial appointments are 60 minute visits and follow-up appointments are generally 30 minutes.
After the meeting, you’ll receive a list of your medicines and an action plan to share with your doctor. If your pharmacist has suggestions to improve your medicines, he or she will work with you and your doctor to make those changes.

Patients that benefit most from this service are those with:

• Multiple medications, including over-the-counter and vitamins/supplements
• Confusion about what all of the medicines are for or how to take them
• Chronic conditions that are not well controlled or not meeting goals
• Side effects or adverse reactions to medicines
• Difficulty taking medicines as prescribed
• Problems affording medicines
• Smoking cessation goals
• Questions/concerns about medicines

You can follow up with your pharmacist as much as needed to make sure your medicines are working as effectively as possible.

Learn more about MTM Pharmacist, Kaity Bader, PharmD.