What is your definition of a good doctor? A survey conducted by Harvard University suggests that empathy, kindness, compassion and good listening were more important to patients than whether the physician was competent and tenacious.

While this may not reflect truth for everyone, Vibrant Health wants to better understand how to emotionally and physically support our patients living with diabetes.

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, and through the use of modern technology, Vibrant Health Nephrologist, Ben Morgan, MD (who is not diabetic), will vicariously live the life of an insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetic – -and blog or post videos about his experiences regularly throughout the month of November.

Dr. Morgan will be responding to data provided by an insulin-dependent Type 1 Diabetic* wearing the identical model Medtronic pump Enlite® continuous glucose monitoring sensor (CGMS) that is linked to Dr. Morgan’s smart phone. Though this technology, he will have access to real-time blood glucose readings and other valuable information at crucial points during the day, including: before and during exercise; prior to driving; and in the middle of the night.

The weblog will track Dr. Morgan’s transitional journey from his multiple daily insulin injections (MDI) to insulin pump therapy and through the ups and downs of living with – and managing — diabetes.  Dr. Morgan will learn what it feels like to check and monitor his blood sugars, adjust and inject himself with insulin, grocery shop and manage the myriad challenges along the way.

The end goal is for Dr. Ben Morgan to understand what it feels like to live with diabetes so he can better relate to the barriers and challenges of living with this disease. In other words, he’ll learn to better empathize with patients and help Vibrant Health provide additional tools, valuable resources, and support and information to help our patients realize their greatest potential and be powered by health and wellness.

*The name is being withheld to respect the privacy of the patient.

Upcoming Diabetes Patient Support Series

Follow Dr. Ben Morgan as he puts himself in the shoes of his diabetic patients and lives the life of a Diabetic for the month of November.