Healthcare Awards & Recognitions

Our Mission At Vibrant Health Family Clinics, we envision a world powered by health and wellness. We believe the health of a community is dependent upon personalized, supportive and individualized care established through trust, compassion and service. Our pursuit of excellence has earned us the recognition of our peers. We’re not bragging, but think it’s important to share how much we care and want to be the healthcare campus of choice in western Wisconsin.


American Diabetes Association Education Recognition

The Vibrant Health Family Clinics’ diabetes self-management education program has been awarded continued Recognition from the American Diabetes Association. This program offers high-quality education services to the patients it serves. Debra Sanders, RD, CD, CDE leads the programs for the clinics in River Falls, Ellsworth and Spring Valley, Wisconsin.

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Level 3 recognition from the Patient Centered Medical Home program – 2016

REC_PCMH11The National Committee for Quality Assurance announced that Vibrant Health Family Clinics of River Falls & Ellsworth have received Level 3 recognition from the Patient Centered Medical Home program for using evidence-based, patient-centered processed that focus on highly coordinated care and long-term participate relationships. Vibrant Health is proud to achieve the highest level of recognition from NCQA as this demonstrates our clinics commitment to patient centered care.

Chronic Care Management Poster Presentation:

The Care Coordinator staff created and presented a poster on our Chronic Care Management program at a WREN (Wisconsin Research and Education Network) conference on chronic care management.  There were clinics from around the state that convened to talk about and learn from each other about what they are doing to manage the care for their chronic disease patients.  WREN hopes to be able to take this information and create new learnings for other clinic groups.  Our Chronic Care Management Poster was a huge hit!!!


Minnesota Community Measurement Innovation Award:

We have been awarded the first annual Innovation Award from Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM). Clinical practices were invited to submit innovative processes they had implemented using the data from the MNCM audits we do.  MNCM offered this opportunity in celebration of their 10 year anniversary.  We submitted our process for uninsured patients.  We had reviewed the data we submitted for our Diabetes patients to determine how many were not insured and attempted to determine if this affected their care.  While we were not able to find anything significant in that regard, we did believe that we needed to provide all of our patients that did not have insurance, information and resources to assist them in getting the care they needed such as Free Clinic, county resources and direct access lab testing.


Population Management Submission:

We have submitted an application to the Hearst Health Prize in Population Health for our work with our chronic disease management process.

The Hearst Health Prize, in partnership with the Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH), was created to help identify and promote promising new ideas in the field that will help to improve health outcomes. Their goal is to discover, support and showcase the work of an individual, group, or institution that has successfully implemented a population health program or intervention that has made a measurable difference.


Minnesota Community Measurement News:

There is no financial reward from MNCM, yet it is the public reporting and ability for patients to compare quality of care at a variety of clinics.  These are reported out as “Expected, Below Expected, Above Expected and Top”.

This is for the whole state of MN and is based on the state average. They list 15 individual “TOP” clinics and only 5 TOP clinic systems.  So to have your clinic name be one of these is awesome.


Our final results are in for the Minnesota Community Measurement audits for Diabetes and Heart Disease.  Once again we have done well.  The hard work put in by everyone here at Vibrant Health has really paid off for our patient as we assist them to achieving their goals.  Spring Valley is one of 15 TOP clinics for IVD and Vibrant Health as a whole is one of the 5 TOP clinics for IVD in the state.  This is so great to be reported publicly.


Diabetes Optimal Control

Clinic Average            59.0%

State Average            55.3%

Heart Disease Optimal Control

Clinic Average            78.80%

State Average            69.30%


ONC Hypertension challenge:

Phase 2 of the ONC Hypertension Challenge is underway.  We were Phase 1 winners based on our submission and tools we shared in regards to using our EMR to improve care for our patients with HTN.  Tools we shared are our chronic disease data base, recheck BP magnets and contest, medication titration protocols, and a few others.  The next step is to share this information and these tools with other clinics so that we can spread the work to others as we strive to save a million lives.

Dr. Tashjian, Rosanne Matzek and Mary Boles are working with Metastar in Wisconsin to identify clinic groups to work with.  We are presenting three webinars on the work we have done over the past couple of years, to several clinics also working with Metastar.  Once the webinars have been presented, we will begin some face to face meetings to share our tools and processes.  We are very excited to let others know about our Care Coordinator program, Depart process and chronic disease data base.

We hope that this work with gain us healthier patients as well as help us win the next phase of the challenge.  We will keep you posted.


The Care Coordinators, Dr. Tashjian and Mary have been working with Metastar and 2 clinics (HSHS Medical Group Family Health Chippewa Falls and LaClinica in Wautoma to assist them in helping their patients to achieve optimal blood pressure control utilizing Millions Hearts, their EMR and some of the tools that we have created such as the BP Recheck magnets and the Blood Pressure protocol/Medication titration plans.  As part of this work, we will be submitting the second phase of the ONC hypertension challenge in the fall with hopes we will win that phase of the challenge as well.  All of this work is to continue our challenge with Million Hearts to save a million lives.



We participated in the LEAP project over the past two years and are now having a get together with all of the 30 clinics that participated in this project.  LEAP is a project where several clinic communities got together to share their processes and tools as well to show how we improve care to our patients.  Dr. Tashjian, Rosanne and Mary will be attending this reunion as well as the International Health Institutes annual meeting.  We will be traveling to Dallas TX in March to attend several learning sessions and hope to bring back some new and exciting ideas.



Congratulations are again in order.  We have received recognition as a Top Performer in UCare’s Medicare Pay for Performance program that we elect to participate in.  Dr. Lijewski and Rosanne will be attending a recognition banquet to receive our recognition award.


Medicare Goal                        VHFC Rate

Breast Cancer Screening:                   77%                             78%

Cardiovascular LDL testing:                89%                             92%

Diabetes LDL testing:                          93%                             94%

Diabetes Neuropathy monitoring:      89%                             96%

Health Partners-Partners in Excellence Awards:

We received a Gold Award for achieving the highest standard of care for our patients with heart disease and the Silver Award for outstanding care for our patients with Diabetes.


Other Awards:

We also received achievement awards for reaching quality goals for Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, Humana Star program and Minnesota Health Action Group.


Quality Award for Optimal Vascular Care 2014

Minnesota Health Action Group

Vibrant Health Family Clinics were recognized from The Minnesota Health Action Group for meeting the achievement goal for the Optimal Vascular Care quality measure.



Recognized by ONC for Health Information Technology 2014

awardVibrant Health Family Clinics was selected for a prominent nationwide award for effective use of electronic medical records and its reporting capabilities to support care of patients with hypertension. Vibrant Health is one of two medical groups in the country to receive recognition from the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology in their “EHR Innovations for Improving Hypertension Challenge”. Vibrant Health Family Clinics takes pride in demonstrating measurable ways to use electronic health records to advance blood pressure control.

Recognized for Quality of Care 2013

Ellsworth Medical Clinic is among 30 clinics nationwide selected as an Exemplar Primary Care Practice by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Group Health Research Institute, who have teamed up on a new initiative to identify practice innovations that make primary care more efficient, effective, and satisfying to patients and providers. The Primary Care Team: Learning from Effective Ambulatory Practices (LEAP).


Recognized by CDC and Million Hearts – 2013

2013 HTN Champions2013 Hypertension Control Champions – 2ND YEAR IN A ROW. Read the Press Release.








Level 3 recognition from the Patient Centered Medical Home program

National Committee for Quality Assurance2012 – The National Committee for Quality Assurance announced that River Falls Medical Clinic has received Level 3 recognition from the Patient Centered Medical Home program for using evidence-based, patient-centered processed that focus on highly coordinated care and long-term participate relationships. River Falls Medical Clinic is proud to achieve the highest level of recognition from NCQA as this demonstrates our clinics commitment to patient centered care.


Ranked Number One by Consumer Reports

October 2012 Consumer ReportsOctober 2012 Consumer Reports, Ellsworth Medical Clinic ranked number one in the western Wisconsin clinics when looking at optimal care for both diabetes and vascular disease. Spring Valley Medical Clinic ranked number three; and River Falls Medical Clinic ranked number five.




Recognized by CDC and Million Hearts – 2012

2012 Hypertension Control Champion by the Million Hearts™ initiative, a public-private effort by the Department of Health and Human Services to prevent a million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. Read the Press Release.


Top Performer for Diabetes and Vascular Diseases

2011 Minnesota Community Measurement’s showed the Ellsworth Medical Clinic was among the top performers out of 433 clinics in providing the best care for diabetes and vascular diseases.


Vibrant Health Family Clinics Get High Marks for Diabetes and Vascular Care- 2011

Minnesota Community Measurement’s latest report showed the Ellsworth Medical Clinic was among the top performers out of 433 clinics in providing the best care for diabetes and vascular diseases.


Received HealthPartners Innovation Award for Incorporating Care Coordinators into Clinic HealthCare Team – 2009

HealthPartners recognized that with the implementation of care coordinators, Vibrant Health Family Clinics have lowered their patient’s risk for chronic disease related complications, created an avenue of communication for patients with their clinicians, and optimized care for chronic conditions.


Received Medica “Raising the Bar” Innovation Award for the Treatment Approach to Preventive and Chronic Care – 2008

The award highlights Healthcare Providers who demonstrate how they are leading the way in improving quality of care and setting up systems and processes to sustain making patient visits more efficient, comprehensive and more customized for the patient.


Other Recognition

MN Health Action Group Award for Optima Vascular Care — 2012

HealthPartners Outcomes Recognition for Optimal Vascular Care


Award Winning Clinic – Quality of Care for:

Health Front Excellence in Quality
Patient Choice

MGMA award for Performance & Practice of Successful Medical Groups


MN BTE Quality Award – 2011

WHITEC Meaningful Use Recognition – 2011

IMPACT Improving Diabetes through Primary Care Translation

American Diabetes Association – May 8, 2006 – May 8, 2009

Medical Group Management Association – Superior Performance – 2007

Diabetes Care Award


MN Community Measurement Top Performer – Healthcare Quality Report –      2005

HealthPartners Outcomes Recognition for Patient Satisfaction:


HealthPartners Outcomes Recognition for Comprehensive CAD – 2003

Friend of Public Health – 2003

Mother Friendly Worksite – 2003

Chamber of Commerce – Business of the Year – 2002

St. Croix County Business of the Year – 2002

HealthPartners Outcomes Recognition for Tobacco Assessment/Advice – 2000