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The Achievement Gap Starts Early

The Achievement Gap Starts Early

The Achievement Gap Starts Early – Vibrant Health Family Clinics Help Bridge the Gap Nearly a third of young children in the U.S. arrive to kindergarten without the skills they need for success at school. Because reading can help bridge that gap, the Healthcare Providers, led by Pediatrician, Amber Morgan, MD, are incorporating the Reach Out and Read program at Vibrant Health Family Clinics. Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit organization that gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together. Reading aloud is the single most important researched activity leading to language development and promotes early literacy skills, such as: word sound awareness; book handling and naming; understanding how stories work; recognition of sounds and letters; knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary; and the ability to listen. More than 95 percent of a child’s brain is formed during the first 6 years of life, and a child’s experiences irreversibly affect how the brain develops. Honing in on key developmental skills early is very important.  The Reach Out and Read model has three key elements the Vibrant Health Care Providers follow: Primary Care Providers are trained to deliver early literacy guidance to parents of children 6 months through 5 years of age during each well-child visit. At each visit, we give the child a new, developmentally-appropriate book to take home, building a collection of books at home before the child goes to kindergarten. We also prescribe reading aloud, every day. Vibrant Health has integrated Reach out and Read because family doctors and nurse practitioners have the... read more
Open Enrollment for 2018

Open Enrollment for 2018

OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR 2018 RUNS NOVEMBER 1 – DECEMBER 15, 2017 For anyone who doesn’t have coverage through a job, Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), or other qualifying coverage, you may log in to to fill out an application and enroll in a 2018 Marketplace health plan. Enroll by December 15, 2017 and coverage starts January 1,... read more

Jail and Bail= Success!

Enjoy all of the mugshots and photos from our Jail and Bail Fundraiser! We successfully raised $346 in this fundraiser, which will be combined with proceeds from other fundraisers that took place throughout our Giving Campaign week. Stay tuned for our grand... read more
Age Related Hearing Loss

Age Related Hearing Loss

Seeds of a Growing Problem By: Ha-Sheng Li-Korotky, Aud Phd © 2017 Pacific Northwest Audiology and MedNet Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The population of the U.S. is getting older. According to the Administration on Aging, the aging ‘baby boom’ generation will produce a dramatic increase in the population through 2030. In 2009, people over 65 represented 12.9% of the population, but by 2030, they will represent 19.3%. The population over 65 is expected to double between 2008 and 2030 to a projected 72.1 million. Why should we be concerned with an Aging Population? Because Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition among older adults! According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), 36 million Americans have impaired hearing, including 17% of our adult population. The occurrence of hearing loss increases with age. Approximately one third of Americans between 65 and 74 and nearly half of those over 75 have hearing and communication problems.mps and Progress of  Age Related Hearing Loss (ARHL). Age Related Hearing Loss (ARHL) (also known as Presbycusis) is a gradual and progressive hearing loss that affects most individuals as they age. Due to the slow progression, adults with ARHL may not realize that their hearing is diminishing …but if they do …they may accept it as normal aging. ARHL has a serious impact on the elderly because it diminishes their ability to communicate and reduces their functional independence. This limits their opportunities to participate effectively in their daily lives. To those with ARHL, sounds often seem less clear and lower in volume. Muted murky sounds make it increasingly... read more

Jail and Bail Fundraiser for Two Great Causes

Vibrant Health Family Clinics will support the United Way St. Croix Valley “Success by 6” and the Free Clinic of Pierce and St. Croix Counties on October 25th at our “Jail and Bail Fundraiser” during our week-long Giving Campaign. Look for the jailhouse located in our main entrance that day! We will be accepting outside donations from anyone who is interested in supporting these two amazing causes. For more information about the United Way “Success by 6” initiative click here: For more information about the Free Clinic click here:... read more

Walk With a Doc-Breast Cancer Awareness

Join us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Walk With a Doc this Sunday, October 8th! Our usual walk will take place at Hoffman Park at 5:15 p.m. Participants can walk however far they would like or are able, up to one mile. There will be a drawing to enter to win this “Pink Basket,” which includes Amy’s Blend Caribou coffee (read her story here:, Vibrant Health coffee mug, $20 Target gift card, and more! All participants will also receive a breast cancer support bracelet. Come out and walk with your local doctor, Amber Morgan and bring awareness to breast cancer during the month of October! Join our event page... read more

10 Signs You May Be Suffering from Hearing Loss

By Kirsten Daniels, Au.D., CCC-A Like any medical condition, the sooner you address hearing loss the better. Here are 10 common signs that you may have hearing loss. You have trouble hearing on the phone. Mobile and landline phones are equipped with a volume control setting, so you might not have trouble hearing your friend, co-worker or client because you’ve amped the telephone to the max. Check the volume setting, and if you find yourself inching the volume up louder and louder, you may have hearing loss. Your family (or neighbor!) complains that your TV is too loud. Television programs can be hard to follow, particularly during times when music is drowning out dialogue. Turning the TV up louder doesn’t always help make the sound clearer. If you consistently need the TV turned up so loud to understand the dialogue, it’s time to get a hearing test. You’re tired from straining to hear conversations. Constantly straining to hear and follow conversation is mentally and physically fatiguing. Doing so can make you feel exhausted and worn out after even a normal day. So, if a typical day of conversing with coworkers, friends and family leaves you with a headache or feeling physically fatigued, you may have hearing loss. You have trouble following a conversation when multiple people talk at the same time. Our ability to process multiple incoming and competing signals deteriorates over time, so being a little lost in conversation occasionally isn’t always a sign of hearing loss. However, if you’re at a work meeting or eating dinner with family, and you frequently have a hard time keeping up when two... read more

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, White Fish Cooking Class

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, White Fish Dietitian Debra Sanders of Vibrant Health partnered with Family Fresh Market to present a healthy cooking class “1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, White Fish” to teach participants how to make heart-healthy fish tacos with cod and salmon with veggies. Debra introduces one of the menu items for tonight’s cooking class (asparagus) in the Family Fresh kitchen. To keep asparagus fresh, place it in an asparagus jar (stalk side up) filled 1/2 with water and store in the fridge. To garnish the cod fish tacos, a colorful coleslaw was made, which included red cabbage, carrots, peaches, green onions, and lime juice. Debra showing off one of the cute “sample-sized” tortillas! Debra pan-frying the cod for the fish tacos. It was cooked on medium-high in a greased pan. Cook covered for 3 minutes, flip, uncovered for 1 minute, and then covered for 2 minutes. The beautifully done salmon with asparagus and lemon! The finished products! Thank you to everyone who came out! We hope to see you in November at our next cooking class, Mouthwatering Meatless Meals.  ... read more

Weekend Highlights- September 16 & 17

On Saturday, September 16th, Spring Valley Dam Days hosted their 30th annual 5K & 10K Family Fun Run, which Vibrant Health sponsored. Runners were #poweredbyhealthandwellness even through the rain! Great job to everyone who came out to support the Spring Valley Lions Club! Thank you to Vibrant Health employees Denise Burkett, Dennis Paul, and Sierra Hawkins who participated. The same morning, even 1,111 miles away in San Antonio, Texas, the Tashjian family was #poweredbyhealthandwellness. Dr. Tashjian, his wife Barb, and his son Eddie ran a 5K at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) conference. We had a busy Sunday #supportingourcommunity! We started in Spring Valley with the Spring Valley Dam Days parade. Samantha, Julie, Sierra, Brandi, and Chad handed out lip balm/sunscreen sticks. Julie did double duty- she walked in the parade AND worked in the Spring Valley Lions Club burger booth. Talk about being #poweredbyhealthandwellness! After that, we headed over to River Falls for our first Walk With A Doc event. Nora Bennett C-NP spoke about the importance of eating fresh food, particularly produce. She even brought banana peppers and eggplants (that she grew herself) for everyone to bring home! Thanks to everyone who came out to Hoffman Park. See you next week at 5:15 p.m. for our next WWAD event! We love the communities we are part of!... read more