One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, White Fish

Dietitian Debra Sanders of Vibrant Health partnered with Family Fresh Market to present a healthy cooking class “1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, White Fish” to teach participants how to make heart-healthy fish tacos with cod and salmon with veggies.

Debra introduces one of the menu items for tonight’s cooking class (asparagus) in the Family Fresh kitchen. To keep asparagus fresh, place it in an asparagus jar (stalk side up) filled 1/2 with water and store in the fridge.

To garnish the cod fish tacos, a colorful coleslaw was made, which included red cabbage, carrots, peaches, green onions, and lime juice.

Debra showing off one of the cute “sample-sized” tortillas!

Debra pan-frying the cod for the fish tacos. It was cooked on medium-high in a greased pan. Cook covered for 3 minutes, flip, uncovered for 1 minute, and then covered for 2 minutes.

The beautifully done salmon with asparagus and lemon!

The finished products!

Thank you to everyone who came out! We hope to see you in November at our next cooking class, Mouthwatering Meatless Meals.