Ellsworth Location

Vibrant Health Family Clinics – Ellsworth
144 S Plum St
Ellsworth, WI 54011
(715) 273-5041

Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

For those with medical concerns in Ellsworth and the surrounding areas, Vibrant Health Family Clinics is centrally located on Plum Street to provide all the expert medical care and peace of mind you need, no matter how big or small your concerns are. We offer a full range of medical services at our downtown location for your convenience.  More extensive medical needs, including inpatient services, are provided through our affiliated hospitals, so you are never without expert help in the right facility.

We are committed to ensuring your whole health, and well being is looked out for, and that your visits are made as easy as possible for you. We accomplish this both through personal interaction and the use of electronic patient portals to make it simple to schedule appointments and contact your physician. At Vibrant Health in Ellsworth, our team of medical experts is committed to providing a full range of services for all your healthcare needs.

Family Medicine
Our family medicine specialists take care of the majority of health concerns you and your family members may encounter and will provide a referral for specialist care for conditions outside of their normal domain. They are your resource for whole-body health and overall well being. Rest assured they will keep a perspective on your entire health history, and not just the immediate problem you present.

Womens Health
We understand that women have special health care concerns and our extensive team of ob/gyn specialists can provide expert sensitive care for all your medical needs and concerns including gynecology, breast health, screening, pregnancy-related issues, and childbirth.

No one wants to think of their child being ill, and when they are, you naturally want the best care available for them. Our pediatric providers are dedicated to ensuring the well being of your child of all ages up to 21 years old.

Internal Medicine and Nephrology
Our internal medicine specialists deal with a wide range of conditions and can also serve as your primary care physician. In addition, we can diagnose and treat all manner of kidney diseases, a discipline of medicine technically known as nephrology.

Sports Medicine
Our specialized sports medicine services cover sports injuries and preventative measures to get you back on the field or track and ensure you never have to leave it where possible. We can also help with athlete’s nutrition and improved performance.

Sleep Medicine
Not getting sufficient sleep is linked to many adverse effects and is not something you should accept as inevitable. Our sleep specialists can work with you to diagnose the nature of your sleep disorder and come up with solutions.

Diabetes & Nutrition
With proper management guided by our diabetes educators, this serious condition can be managed and potentially reversed. A monthly pre-diabetes class is also offered for those with worrisome blood sugar levels who want help with preventing their pre-diabetic status from progressing. Help with better nutrition for optimal well being is also available.

Skin Care
We offer skin-screening services to monitor moles for suspicious changes and can help with distressing conditions like severe acne. We also offer a range of skincare products and enhancement procedures to help you keep your skin looking and feeling great.

If you are looking for a family-friendly clinic in Ellsworth, WI, Vibrant Health Family Clinics welcomes the opportunity to show you our unwavering commitment to the good health of our patients. Contact us today to talk about your family medical needs, or stop in to find out more next time you are on Plum Street.