Spring Valley Location

Vibrant Health Family Clinics – Spring Valley
130 McKay Ave
Spring Valley, WI 54767
(715) 778-5591

Hours: Mon-Thur 8AM-5PM

At Vibrant Health Family Clinics, we take pride in providing the best family medicine to patients in the Minneapolis region, including those east of the city who will find our Spring Valley location especially convenient. Our regional locations like Spring Valley are there, so you and your family don’t have to go too far to receive the care you need, which includes all the following services.

Family Medicine
You won’t need to drive far for your family healthcare needs when our doctors are available at our Spring Valley location during the week for most routine problems. Our family medicine physicians can treat the majority of conditions that befall you and the rest of your family members. For more complex cases that require a specialist, we will be glad to refer you to one of our other expert facilities.

Women’s Health
Women, including mothers and daughters, have special health concerns that our sensitive and highly trained ob/gyn physicians can treat. Whether your concerns are gynecological, you have concerns about breast health, or you are dealing with pregnancy or childbirth, our Spring Valley office can help.

Dealing with kids health issues can be especially difficult because as a parent, you know that their illnesses impact you as well. Make it easier on yourself by bringing your children to our Spring Valley family clinic, which is conveniently located on McKay Street.

Internal Medicine and Nephrology
Internal medicine compromises a whole range of common ailments that our internal medicine doctors can treat, and they can also serve as your primary care physician. If you are suffering from any type of kidney-related ailment, our nephrologists can provide you with expert specialist care.

Sports Medicine
There’s nothing worse for an athlete than being kept from the sport they love by illness or injury. Our sports medicine specialists can help you with your injury to minimize recovery times, and can also provide preventative care and advice. We’ll gladly guide you through some advice about how you can improve your performance and overall health.

Sleep Medicine
If you are having difficulty sleeping, you don’t have to accept that as your reality. Poor sleep can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented during the day and has numerous detrimental effects on your health. Instead, see our sleep specialists, who can diagnose your condition for which a variety of treatments are likely available to help you get back to restful sleep and improved health.

Diabetes & Nutrition
Diabetes is a serious condition affecting many Americans that can often be managed through improved nutrition, medications, and exercise. If you are diabetic, our medical professionals can help you deal with this condition, and can also help those who are pre-diabetic avoid progression to diabetes. This is a serious condition with multiple adverse effects so do not hesitate to seek proper medical attention. We also offer general nutritional programs for those seeking to maintain and improve their overall health.

Skin Care
Skin diseases can be a delicate issue that our staff is trained to deal with sensitively. We can assist you with conditions like severe acne that can be psychologically distressing as well as physically problematic. We also offer a full range of skin care products and cosmetic procedures to keep you looking your best.

At Vibrant Health, our goal is to give you the healthcare you deserve, and that includes removing the roadblocks in your way. One way we strive to do this is with our regional locations. If you reside east of Minneapolis, our Spring Valley office is open Monday through Thursday to make it easier for you to get treatment for you and your family members. Contact us today to learn about new patient enrollment or drop by our Spring Valley location when you are in the area.