When you have a child, it is important to find a caring and skilled pediatric team before a health concern arises. They can complete an initial checkup and monitor your child’s health on an ongoing basis. When searching for a physician for your child, you should focus on finding a clinic that has numerous doctors on staff who have extensive education and training in the field, as well as many years of experience. Learning more about this unique area of health care can help you find the best team for your family’s needs.

What is Pediatrics?

In general, pediatrics is a branch of medicine that focuses on the healthcare needs of children from birth until the age of 21. As far as branches of medicine go, this one is relatively new, having emerged in the mid-19th century. Despite its youth, there have been many advances made in treating the health issues and concerns of children, making it a valuable service to seek out. The ultimate goal of this medical field is not reactive treatment, but preventive care. A skilled pediatrician monitors every aspect of a child’s health, even when there are no issues reported.

What Conditions Can a Pediatrician Treat?

Doctors who work with children perform a wide range of treatments and preventative measures. They encourage children to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, including providing ways to reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases. These physicians also focus on monitoring children for any chronic conditions such as asthma, anemia, and mental health concerns.

Care teams that work with children also provide diagnostic and treatment services should a child require medical care. This includes treating injuries, infections, and mental disorders like depression and anxiety. They also diagnose and coordinate care in the cases of more serious diseases, such as cancers, genetic conditions, and other disabilities.

Parents with concerns about their child’s development and progression through the pre-established milestones may also benefit from a visit to one of these doctors. They are often the first step in having a developmental delay or behavioral problem diagnosed and subsequently treated appropriately.

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