Sports Medicine

If you or a loved are injured while participating in any type of physical activity, you should consider visiting a doctor who specializes in sports medicine. These doctors are highly trained in the area, with most of their education focused on early detection of injuries, treatment, and prevention.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is the science of preventing, diagnosing, and treating numerous athletic injuries. Those who specialize in this branch of medicine also focus on increasing athletic performance through nutrition and conditioning. While some doctors who specialize in this field do treat professional and semi-professional athletes, others work with children, teens, and adults who participate in sports for fitness or enjoyment. Individuals with specific injuries or complaints as well as those looking to get into shape can benefit from the advice of a doctor specialized in this field.

What Conditions Are Covered?

Doctors with this specialty work hard to prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of conditions. Their skill and experience help them advise patients on the best way to prevent illness and injury, through activities like stretching and improving your nutrition. Sports specialists also diagnose and treat sports-related injuries. In particular, they focus on diagnosing and healing injuries like ankle sprains, fractures, knee and shoulder injuries, heat illnesses, exercise-induced asthma, and even eating disorders.

Those who are engaged in physical labor can also benefit from the services that these types of specialists provide. Work-related injuries, especially those sustained as a result of physically demanding jobs, often mimic sport-related ones. This makes those who specialize in sports medicine the perfect choice for medical advice.

Are Other Services Required?

In some cases, there may be services required that are beyond the scope of those engaged in this type of medicine. These services include things like physical therapy, which can help a person recover from a severe injury to a muscle or limb. Your specialist can coordinate services with these other professions, ensuring that you are well-cared for throughout the recovery or training process.

Here at Vibrant Health Family Clinics, we are happy to offer sports medicine to River Falls, Spring Valley, and Ellsworth, Wisconsin patients. Our compassionate and skilled health care team values the relationships we have with our patients by putting your needs first.

When it comes to sports medicine, our specialists have years of training and experience in the field. Whether you need to have an injury treated or you are hoping to boost your athletic performance, visiting one of our specialists can help. Contact us to learn more about our services or to book your appointment today.

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