Dr. Morgan is working with a real-life insulin dependent partner to experience what it means to live the life of a diabetic. Following is an uncensored interaction between Dr. Morgan and his partner as he navigates his way through carb counting.


Ben: How many carbs in this pizza and pasta?

Partner: I’ll go with 50 unless it’s thick crust

Ben: You better send the ambulance now. I bolus 9 units because of the thick crust

Partner: OMG, Start chugging juice! I will say we’ve all been there. Knowing you gave yourself too much insulin can set off a panic. Luckily I can suspend my pump fast enough when that happens.

Ben: I guess I’ll need to eat more pizza to make up for pumping too much insulin.

Debra the Dietician: Ben, you NO MORE PIZZA for you. Only eat if you’re hungry!

CLICK HERE to follow Dr. Ben Morgan as he puts himself in the shoes of his diabetic patients and lives the life of a Diabetic for the month of November.