August 7th was a beautiful day for the River Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau Golf Outing at the River Falls Golf Club. Vibrant Health was at Hole #8 handing out lip balm/sunscreen sticks and entertaining players with the game “Who can hit the marshmallow the farthest?”


Congratulations to Adam Dickinson from Family Fresh Market, the winner of this Vibrant Health umbrella AND the record holder for the farthest marshmallow drive. His shot was very impressive. Great job Adam!


Our staff and Doctors were also out on the course representing Vibrant Health! Our Vibrant Team included Dr. Ben Morgan, Dr. Thomas Monahan, Julie Ducklow (Operations), and Dr. Timothy Steinmetz.


Jeff Schuman (Finance) and Jon Pedersen (Administration) played on a team with First National Bank of River Falls.


Thank you to everyone who came out and we hope you had a great time being #poweredbyhealthandwellness!