“Powered by Health and Wellness” is more than a tagline at Vibrant Health with Family Clinics in River Falls, Ellsworth and Spring Valley, it is a way of being committed to a lifestyle and approach that embodies the good life, including self-care and making time for nutrition and exercise.

We live busy lives, shuttling back and forth between home, jobs, social events, and many other commitments. At times, we feel there is no time to exercise, or we have no choice but to grab the convenient food over the healthy food.

At Vibrant Health, we completely understand these feelings! In this post, we offer six suggestions for setting goals, balancing our needs and reaping the benefits of a healthier diet and active lifestyle.

Start Small

It isn’t necessary to make life-changing, wholesale changes to make a difference. Even if your diet and fitness habits are non-existent, you can begin to make small changes which can snowball into big results. Consider snow or rain. One flake or drop of water isn’t going to make a big difference and is easy to dismiss. But compounded by consistency and quantity, they accumulate into a force of nature.

Food Over Fitness

Many people tend to flip the equation and put fitness over food. We use our exercise as an excuse to eat whatever we want and burn the calories off later. While the plan isn’t bad, it’s very short-sighted. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is clearly the best way to live, instead of constantly trying to burn off the donuts you ate.

Make it Fun

If you don’t enjoy running, don’t run. If you don’t enjoy lifting weights, don’t lift weights. Move in a way you enjoy, and you’ll see the benefits much quicker. Your exercise won’t be a burden because it’s fun! Maybe it’s a dance class, yoga, hiking, canoeing, martial arts, cycling, soccer, or tennis. If you stop forcing the workouts, following what you’re “supposed” to be doing, then the habit won’t take hold.

Embrace a Routine

If figuring out a daily workout just adds more stress to your life, don’t do that either! Write one workout you’re going to do for the week, and then simply do only that.

Plan for nutrition and fitness

Many people who are already busy have a calendar, to-do list, or another type of scheduling system that keeps them on track throughout their days and weeks. In this case, it should be easy to slot in time for a workout. If you purposefully block out time in your schedule for fitness or planning meals and treat it like a business appointment that cannot be missed, it will be easier to stay on track.

Be Flexible

As a busy person, things happen unexpectedly. A child gets sick, an emergency arises, or a meeting gets rescheduled for a time that you had designated for working out. These things happen. It’s important to give yourself a break and realize that as long as you stay consistent over the long haul, a few slips here and there will not stop you from reaching your goals.

What is the Vibrant Running Challenge?

The Vibrant Running Challenge is Vibrant Health’s way of saying, “we feel your pain.” We understand the real-life challenges that may serve as a barrier to being powered by health and wellness. In that way, we want to share the struggle by providing insights into running, training, recovery, nutrition, sleep, self-care, and personal motivation through the real and personal stories of our employees who are working through their own challenges as they set their eyes on the River Falls Days race.

Link to Vibrant Health Running Challenge Kinni Trail Training Run