You want your child to be a valuable member of the team. But you also want him or her to be a healthy and safe one. For that reason, getting your child a physical exam before the sports season begins is a good idea.

“The goal of the sports physical is to identify any potential health problems that might put an athlete at risk during competition.” said Dr. Amber Morgan, MD, Pediatrician at Vibrant Health Family Clinics.

The Healthcare Providers at Vibrant Health want their patients to be active participants in maintaining their health and understand the importance a thorough exam brings to their wellness.

In some cases, the Healthcare Provider might find something that can be treated or managed. For example, a player may have a physical problem or disability that can be managed through physical rehabilitation or by wearing special bracing or padding. And often times, patients can combine their sports physicals and immunizations in the same visit.

If you have specific questions or concerns about your child’s health or wish to schedule an appointment, contact Vibrant Health at 715-425-6701 for an appointment.