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Check out how the challenge is going:

“I see Workweek hustle as an opportunity to individually push myself beyond my usual exercise routine.  Usually average around 12K-13K steps/day (~10-15 miles running/week). This is mainly accomplished on the weekends.  My hope is to have a sustained time commitment to exercise during the week.  Given that my workweek schedule is already busy, I have been pushing myself to get up between 430-500 AM for moonlight (head-lamp assisted) runs.  It is very peaceful.  I did have an encounter with a snapping turtle which was a little scary.   Generally, I feel like I have more energy this past week despite physical demands.  I can definitely attest to an endorphin rush.”  Dr. Ben Morgan


“As the dietitian at Vibrant Health, I volunteered to join the workweek hustle walking competition because I believe in living an active and healthy lifestyle and this was one way I could lead by example.  Now when I say leading that’s not exactly my current standing in the competition but just having the support system of other coworkers and having the fitbit helps me to stay accountable and motivated.  The team challenge helps me reach my daily goals and go beyond my typical routine.  I’ve gotten extra steps by jogging or walking in place when I’m watching the news and during the work day I’ve been more aware of my steps and try to fit in some extra when I can.”   Debra Sanders, RD, CD, CDE