After your visit today, you may receive a request by email, phone and text to complete a survey. Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in this research. Your feedback helps us to improve.

Why am I getting a survey request?

Vibrant Health sends out a patient survey in an effort to better understand the experience of our patients and to get feedback on what we can do to improve each customer visit.

Why am I being contacted in so many different ways?

The company we are working with has expertise in getting feedback from patients and is used by M Health Fairview throughout the Twin Cities. One of their insights is that patients vary in their preferred method of contact. This is why the system is set up to send an email, a phone call, and a text message, all over a three day period.  If a patient responds to any of those surveys, they should not have further contact. Phone calls and texts will occur between 6 PM and 8 PM.

How long will it take to complete?

The survey should take less than 1 minute. You will be asked to answer 8 multiple choice questions, and will be given an opportunity to provide free text comments. These answers are then compiled for clinic leadership to review, allowing us to make the necessary changes to improve the experience of our patients.

If a patient chooses not to respond, further reminders for that visit will stop after the third attempt.

Will I get a survey request for every visit?

If you have not received a survey in the past 180 days and we have the necessary contact information on file, you should receive a survey.  A patient seen monthly at River Falls should receive no more than 2 surveys a year. However, if a patient is seen in Spring Valley, Ellsworth, and River Falls, they will receive a survey for each of those visits, as each clinic is handled separately.

Why am I getting more than 1 request for a family visit?

Each visit can generate a survey request. Therefore, if we see more than one family member, you may get more than one survey request. We are using the contact information that we have on file for each patient, so if a family shares an e-mail, the surveys would all come to that e-mail address. If you receive a survey for a family member for whom there would be better contact information, please have them contact our patient services staff to update the information in their chart.

THANK YOU – Feedback helps us serve you better

Past surveys have helped us understand what matters to you. For example, surveys validated the importance of same day appointments and being able to schedule with your own health care provider. It also helped us to incorporate a visit summary to provide clear directions at the end of each appointment.

We are so grateful that patients are willing to take the time to respond to these surveys. Please know that we look at all of the responses and review them closely, always looking to improve the experience for our patients.